Co-operative Marketing

Our Mission

To facilitate co-operatives development and adopt efficient and effective marketing systems as well as promote value adding, processing and co-operative ventures


The Co-operative Marketing Department (CMD) was created in November 2003 after the mandate of Co-operative Marketing was added to the then Ministry of Co-operative Development. The Co-operative Marketing Department is mandated to perform the following functions:

  • Marketing research and development
  • Marketing Information and intelligence
  • Promotion of co-operative ventures, value addition and processing


  1. The CMD is committed to serve you with courtesy, honesty, integrity and fairness.
  2. We commit ourselves to attend to your requests within the shortest time possible whenever we are called upon.
  3. We commit ourselves to share all useful information on marketing.
  4. We are committed to ensuring that co-operatives gain substantial market shares for their goods and services.
  5. We are committed to ensuring that co-operatives expand trade networks nationally and internationally through effective participation and representation.

Your rights

  1. Depending on the availability of information, your enquiries on marketing, research and development in the co-operative sector will be attended to immediately upon request.
  2. You have a right to access available market information from the department for your decision making.

Your obligations

You have an obligation to avail information on your transactions on regular basis. You are also obliged to cooperate and accord officers carrying out research and surveys correct and accurate data.


  1. The co-operative Marketing Department believes that, communication is a core marketing function. The department will ensure that modern, efficient and affordable communication equipment is installed and connected widely to facilitate easy communication to as many stakeholders as possible.
  2. The Marketing Department will appreciate feedback from your organizations regarding the services rendered, so that further improvement can be made.
  3. Exchange of market information through forums, events and shows will be promoted and encouraged.

Contacts of all co-operatives will be listed, maintained and availed whenever necessary.