Fees for services

The fees for services at the Tribunal are cheap and therefore affordable, and are calculated on the following formula. Principal Amount Claimed-(6000)*2%+780+100
However, whatever the claim, the fees does not exceed K sh. 70,000.00.
Service Rendered  Requirements  User Charges Time Frame Assumptions
  Advisory services on filing claim  Presentation of clear and accurate facts by Claimant  Depends on amount claimed  Case completed within three(3) months
  •  That no preliminary objections are raised,
  • No adjournments;
  • Parties attend as required.
 Assessment of Claim Completed statement of claim Depends on amount claimed  Twenty(20) minutes
 Grant of ex parte judgement
  •  Copy of affidavit of service
  • Original summons
  • Letter requesting judgement
 Payment of a fee of K sh.150.00  Twenty (20) minutes Assuming either Chairman or Deputy Chairman is present to sign judgment
Giving of hearing dates  Production of invitation letter  Free  Thirty (30) minutes That both parties avail themselves and consent to an agreed date.
Issue of warrants of  execution  Production of decree.Executor be registered with Auctioneers Board of Kenya.  K sh.875.00.  Twenty (20) minutes  Warrants must have been signed by Chairman or Deputy Chairman
Issuance of warrants of arrest
  •  Notice to show cause
  • Affidavit to serve notice to show cause why
 Free  Twenty (20) minutes  Warrants are signed by Chairman or Deputy Chairman
 Grant of temporary
 Application supported by an affidavit  Depends on nature of request being made i.e. stay of execution  Thirty (30) minutes
  •  That no major objections are raised.
  • That order is signed by Chairman or Deputy Chairman


The high court percentages on fees charged is 5% of the principal which is far higher compared to the fees charged by the Co-operative Tribunal