Human Resource Management and Development Division


  • Provide strategic direction in the management of an efficient and effective, professional and sustainable Human Resource Management and Development;
  • Formulate and oversee implementation of Human Resource Management and Development strategies and programmes/work plans;
  • Interpret, advise and implement human resource policies, procedures and regulations;
  • Payroll and salary administration;
  • Manage industrial relations issues and welfare of staff;
  • Coordinate recruitment, appointment, promotions, discipline and remunerations processes;
  • Advise on succession management and preparation of Human Resource plans;
  • Manage staff separation and processing of terminal benefits;
  • Budget for personnel emoluments and training resources;
  • Manage Performance Appraisal System (PAS) for the State Department;
  • Undertake staff training and development programmes;
  • Monitor, evaluate and audit the impact of training on performance improvement and service delivery;
  • Conduct Training Needs Assessment(TNA);
  • Establish Skills inventory;
  • Ensure implementation of computerized human resources records;
  • Ensure staff records including personal files are updated and secure; and
  • Facilitate organizational learning, coaching, mentoring, development and knowledge management.