Principal Supply Chain Management



  1. Procure goods, services and works for user departments.
  2. Prepare consolidated procurement plan and ensure its adherence
  3. Receive goods and maintain inventory controls
  4. Maintain and update annually standing lists of registered tenders required by the procuring entity and liaise with the authorities in respect with authority’s register of
    suppliers and procuring agents.
  5. Prepare, publish and distribute procurement and disposal opportunities including, invitations to tender, pre-qualifications documents and invitations for expressions of interests.
  6. Co-ordinate the receiving and opening of tender documents.
  7. Maintain and safeguard procurement and disposal documents and records
  8. Publish/Issue procurement and disposal documents to candidates,
  9. Propose the membership of the evaluation committee to accounting officer for approval.
  10. Coordinate the evaluation of tenders, quotations and proposals.
  11. Prepare and publish notices of award or acceptance letters.
  12. Prepare contract documents in line with award decisions
  13. Prepare and issue rejection and debriefing letters
  14. Prepare contract variations and modifications to documents.
  15. To maintain, recommend a negotiating team for appointment by accounting officers where negotiations are allowed and participate in such negotiations.
  16. Maintain, archive document and records of the procurement and disposal activities for the required period of time (the usually 6 years).
  17. Provide information as required for any petition or investigation under the review procedures.
  18. Implement the recommendation of the evaluation, negotiation and disposal committees including co- coordinating all activities of these committees.
  19. To act as a secretariat to the tender opening, evaluation, disposal committee and project implementation teams.
  20. Liaise with PPRA and other bodies on matters relation to public procurement procurement and disposal of assets.
  21. Monitor contract management by the user departments to ensure implementation of contracts in accordance to terms and conditions of the contract.
  22. Advice procuring entity on aggregation of procurement to promote economies of scale.
  23. Coordinate internal monitoring and evaluation of the supply chain function
  24. Ensure compliance to PPAD Act. 2015, subsequent regulations including presidential directives i.e. reporting to PPRA and publishing of tenders in our PP portal.
  25. Carry out periodic market surveys to inform the placing of orders or adjudication by the relevant a ward committee.
  26. To conduct periodic and annual stock taking
  27. To certify the invoices and payment vouchers to suppliers