Ventures and Marketing


  • Identify and establish areas of collaboration, partnerships and associations amongst stakeholders in the cooperative sector
  • Provide a platform for relevant organizations for partnership and investments liaising with potential development and other partners
  • Identify and Promote investment opportunities in the cooperative sub sector
  • Coordinate development and investment proposals in collaboration with relent agencies , ministries and organizations
  • Promote vertical and horizontal business linkages amongst stakeholders in the cooperative sector
  • Championing on the promotion and upgrade on various value chain
  • Asses the current state of the knowledge management amongst the stakeholders in the cooperative sector
  • Monitor and evaluate performance and growth of the cooperative sector

Projects and Programs Being Undertaken

  • Development of implementation to actualize cooperative Share trading platform and Agency banking for the SACCOs
  • Develop Management Information Systems for the cooperative sector
  • Establish Agribusiness Development Advisory centers(ADAs) in 13 counties and one headquarter
  • Train Cooperative officers and cooperative chief executives on Management Information Systems
  • Expose cooperatives to best practices
  • In collaboration with Purdue University, plans to set up incubation centers for value addition
  • Link Agricultural cooperatives to program and projects in the agriculture sector supported by development partner
  • Facilitate the formation and implementation of new business ventures in the cooperatives
  • Promote , liaise and manage relationships with investors and other development partners
  • Monitoring and Evaluating the ongoing projects


  • Offer advisory services on business plan development and value chain analysis
  • Available business plan templates for coffee
  • Access value chain analysis reports of various agricultural commodities
  • Access investment opportunities presented during the Grow Africa Forum


  • Developed a sharia compliant cooperative development policy
  • Developed training manuals and modules on Agribusiness, supplies value chain, extensions and advisory services, and emerging business models
  • Developed prudential standards for the cooperatives
  • Built the capacity of 200 cooperative leaders and government of Kenya’s technical and extension personnel on agribusiness and emerging business models
  • Developed concepts on new business ventures for the cooperative business model (Share trading and Agency banking)
  • Linked the cooperatives with the running development partners funded programs in the agriculture sector such as Njaa Marufuku, Kenya, EAAPP , KAPP, KAPAP , IFAD and FAO
  • Developed document showing possible investment opportunities for selected value chains for Grow Africa Forum
  • In collaboration with World Bank developed strategies to enhance participation for entrepreneurs in the food industry