Directorate of Administration


Globally competitive and sustainable industrial, enterprise and co-operative sector.


To create an enabling environment for a globally competitive, sustainable Co-operative sector through appropriate policy, legal and regulatory framework.

Strategic Objective of Administration Directorate.

  1. Streamline and improve service delivery in the Ministry.
  2. Fully operationalize corruption prevention and eradicate plans in the State Department.
  3. Improvement management of government movable and immovable assets in the State Department.
  4. Promote environment sustainability.
  5. Continuous improve the work environment.
  6. Promote the State Department’s corporate image.
  7. Improve office safety and security.
  8. Enhance development and usage of ICT infrastructure.

Commitments and Responsibilities of the Director of Administration

  1. Designing appropriate annual work plans.
  2. Developing comprehensive performance targets.
  3. Preparing employees in the Department for the desired changes in working styles, attitudes and work ethics.
  4. Ensuring proper/Economic utilization of budgetary allocations.
  5. Developing staffing norms.
  6. Signing performance contracts with the Principal Secretary, State Department Co-operatives.