Tribunal services include:-

Advisory services
Assessment of claims
Custody of documents
Processing of documents
Granting ex parte judgments
Giving hearing dates
Hearing disputes

Decentralization of tribunal services

The Tribunal has decentralized services by establishing registries across the Republic, namely Mombasa, Kisumu, Embu, Nakuru and Kakamega.
Aggrieved parties are advised to seek these services at the registries nearest to them.

Commitments on services delivery

Advisory services on the nature of the dispute at the Registry will be provided within thirty (30) minutes and is free.
Advice on filing statement of claim is free and offered within forty (40) minutes.
A claim shall be assessed within twenty (20) minutes.
Documents will be processed within forty (40) minutes.
Granting of Ex parte judgment where no defense entered will be granted within twenty (20) minutes upon receipt of letter requesting for it and upon payment of K sh.150.00.
Hearing dates will be given within thirty (30) minutes.
Disputes will be heard within three (3) months.