Parties to a dispute

In order to qualify a dispute for purposes of the Tribunal, the matter must concern the business of the society;

  • among members, past members and persons claiming through members, past members and deceased members; or
  • between members, past members or deceased members; and the society, its committee or any officer of the society; or
  • between the society and any other co-operative society.

How to bring a case to the tribunal

  1. Any person desiring to file a dispute will be provided with simple forms free of charge, to fill upon small filing fee. The fees chargeable at the Tribunal are quite low i.e if a party is not clear about how to fill the forms, our officers at the Registries are to assist as that is their duty.
  2. It must be stated that the tribunal has Tribunal has decentralized its services to the Provincial Cooperative Officers countrywide. There is no need therefore, to travel all the way to the Nairobi Tribunal Headquarters as the same services
  3. are readily available as the stated Registries.
  4. The tribunal regularly moves to hear disputes at the Provincial Registries and this has assisted a great deal in  decongesting the Nairobi Tribunal and also reduce the case backlog.